GT Omega Pro Racing Simulator Supreme Review

Presenting my  GT Omega Pro Racing Simulator Supreme Review. This is actually a follow up review on the GT Omega Pro Supreme we did a few years back. Reason for that is there’s been some significant changes since I reviewed the last one that I thought were definitely worth a new look here at Inside Sim Racing.

The GT Omega PRO Racing cockpits are designed for both Console and PC gaming. It comes complete or it can be upgraded with a variety of options and accessories. The Cockpit is made out of Steel with black powder coating, comes with a full size racing style seat that is on seat rails and or sliders and can recline.

GT Omega Pro Racing Simulator Supreme Review

The front and rear seat section can come apart into two sections so that it’s easier to store.  You can choose from three different packages the Basic, Professional and Supreme model. All the models come pre drilled for all the major wheel and pedal sets on the market. Fanatec, Logitech and Thrustmaster.

There’s distributors in the UK, France, Portugal, Spain and Australia / New Zealand which you can get to by heading over to and they can ship just about any were in the world.

You can get the Basic for £309.95 British Pounds, 396.00 € Euro, $467.47 US dollars or $589.00 New Zealand dollars.

This is what comes in the box:
• GT Omega Racing Chassis Frame
• Adjustable Wheel Mount
• Angled pedal plate
• Rear Speaker Mounts.
• High Quality GT Omega RS6 Black with Red synthetic leather racing seat. And it also comes with two cushions for added comfort.
• Extension bars to make the chassis longer for tall guys like me
• Velcro pads to securely fix your wheel and pedals.
• Assembly tools.

Then for the Professional model, for an additional $60 pounds you get the Basic plus

• Drink Holder
• Gearshifter Mount (adjustable horizontally or vertically and mountable on both left and right hand side)
• Keyboard / Mouse tray

As well as a stand for a single monitor that comes with

• Mounting plate is fully adjustable in height and by 15 degree angle.
• Fits any monitor with VESA holes of 75mm x 75mm, 100mm x 100mm, 200mm x 100mm, 200mm x 200mm
• Table Top or console tray and
• 2 x adjustable speaker mounts

Then if you want the supreme which comes with everything the Professional has plus a triple monitor stand. It goes for an additional £100 British pounds which equates to an additional $150 here in the states for a grand total of £409.95 British lbs or just over $600 here in the states. If you are in the states you need to add an additional $250.00 for shipping to get it to the states which then brings you to over $850 for the full package.

You may have seen my review of the triple monitor stand that I posted a few months ago and that’s the one that comes with the Supreme.

There’s a few other accessories you can add. First is this floor mat and it goes for £24.95 or if you have a Microsoft 360 wheel you can get an adapter plate for an additional £19.99


It came nicely packaged, all parts padded and wrapped. Some slight scratches on the powder coating, but nothing major. Comes with all the tools you need for assembly and even a few extra hex bolts to mount your wheel and pedals.

Full instructions were not included but you can download and print them from their website and they are pretty detailed.


One of our complaints from the original version was some slight vertical movement in the wheel deck. With these new additions, that has been eliminated. I’ve also noticed they eliminated the use of knobs and included hex bolts instead which I would prefer since you can torque them much tighter than the knobs.

GT Omega Pro Racing Simulator Supreme Review


  • Great seating position and fairly comfortable. Seat is a little stiff, but good ergonomics especially with the additional cushions
  • Solid wheel deck with the new support bars. Barely any movement at wheel deck and very solid. If you have an older GT Omega I highly recommend you get these support bars and add them to your chassis for an additional £19.99.
  • Upgradeable – Can start with the basic and then add items later
  • Affordable – but here in the states you need to take on almost half the price of the package in shipping. I would imagine it’s more affordable to have it shipped from a local distributor. Would be great to see a U.S. distributor for GT Omega.
  • Nice seat
  • Looks cool
  • Extension bars included to extend the length of the cockpit. I’m 6’5″ and Im sure someone that’s close to 5′ tall would be comfortable in this rig without the extenders.


  • Missing hardware, or too short for the shifter and cup holder
  • Speaker mounts behind seat – bang arms into for us tall guys
  • Rarely in stock and usually on pre order status – Price seems to be going up too depending on when you ordered it.
  • Cup holder looked used or damaged
  • Expensive to ship here in the US
  • Pedal deck not adjustable but at a good angle. I didn’t feel I needed to adjust it

Final thoughts:

In my opinion, this is one of the best rigs on the market in this price range. Considering everything you get with it, how it looks, it’s stability, I can highly recommend it. If I didn’t have a fully custom chassis for my PC sim racing, I would definitely consider this rig.

Although I had six cons, they were all a little nit picky and nothing that would disappoint me if I purchased this to be my one and only racing chassis. Considering all that comes in the box for the Supreme, if you are running triple monitors and looking for a rig, you should add this to your list. Same goes for the Pro and even the Basic.

Not only does GT Omega sell the Basic, Pro and Supreme, they also have the Evo cockpit that we reviewed and the ART cockpit which we have not yet reviewed. In additional to cockpits they have wheel stands and office chairs as well. Again you can check them out at and tell them Darin from Inside Sim Racing sent you.

I hope you enjoyed my GT Omega Pro Racing Simulator Supreme Review and make sure to check out my triple monitor stand review to go along with this if you were interested in the whole package.