Gran Turismo 6 Final Review

Welcome to my final look at Gran Turismo 6. That is unless they finally enhance the sounds like they promised before launch. Not going into anything like the UI, certain aspect of the game play, but am going to focus more on the simulation aspects of the title. That being said, going to get right to it.


Well done across the board and I’d go as far to say it’s the best on the PS3.  Can’t really feel tire flex and in my opinion it’s hard to catch a slide. But still the best on the PS3. Braking seems very realistic and you have to make sure not to cook your tires, which actually heat up a little too fast, but still makes for one of the only challenges in a lot of the events.

Force Feedback:

Too much damper in the wheel for my liking. With the force feedback down to one or two on the Thrustmaster T500, the wheel feels sluggish. Hard to quickly counter-steer with it like that. Also tried it with a Logitech Driving Force Pro GT (DFGT) and it felt a lot better and I was able to turn it up to 5 no problem. It’s almost like the FFB is tailored for the DFGT. I’ve driven the T500 for thousands of miles on the PC and it can feel so much better without all that added damper.


The premium cars look great, interiors do as well. I am seeing some frame rate flicker though as it doesn’t seem to flow as good as what I see on the PC or Xbox One. I know it’s not as powerful as the other two, but they should drop the Frames Per Second or FPS to 30 to maintain a more fluid driving experience. Also, I can’t stand the flickering shadows that become distracting at some tracks. I like the lighting effects and the day to night transitions. I also really like the color palette they use in the GT series

Notice when there’s smoke or dirt, it does get some FPS hiccups.


Probably the worst in sim racing on any system.  Tire sounds are pretty good and the heavy contact sounds although weird, makes a buttkicker thump. They also promised a patch that addressed the vacuum cleaner engine sounds, but I’m very disappointed that they haven’t fixed this at least on premium cars, or at least a handful of cars as a test. They have come out with 4 patches and every time there’s a new one, Im hoping for that fix. Nothing yet and very disappointed that this hasn’t been addressed.

Artificial Intelligence or AI:

The AI is not a challenge at all which makes the license tests and progression painfully boring. I do like the added challenges where you have to beat a time to get a gold trophy, etc, but that’s not really AI. The AI are basically drones that offer no challenge or aggression. I call them “rolling chicanes”. Example, I ran a National A race with the Mazda Miata. I chose a car that was a lot slower than the 9 cars that every AI driver takes. I ended up passing the 1st place car on lap 7 of 8 and easily held it off. The AI seem to only be able to drive fast in a straight line. They’re horrible at braking and taking a corner at speed.

Would like to see penalties for poor driving like going off course or hitting another car. Damage would add more of a challenge to so that you stop from using them as a braking marker.


What damage.??. You can only really mechanically damage a car in multiplayer racing. I don’t understand this concept at all or why it’s not implemented in the National / International events. Would add a lot more challenge to the racing.

Tired of this Gran Turismo mentality that cars shouldn’t be damaged. Of course we try not to wreck or cars, but it happens.


Sure there’s 1200 plus cars, but I can’t believe how many are duplicates. Sometimes 3 or 4 of the identical car and a lot with “simple” interiors. Funny how they don’t call them “Standard” cars anymore.  I thought they weren’t doing the premium versus standard cars which they clearly have. I’d rather have all Premium without duplicates than all the doubles, triples and even quadruples of some cars.


What a great selection GT6 has ! Most of them are modeled to perfection. Love the off road / rally stuff too. Really like doing the Goodwood festival of speed events. Willow Springs is spot on and to have “Streets of Willow”, both tracks that I’ve actually driven in real life, was awesome.  Probably one of the best selection of tracks in all of sim racing. Great variety and detail.

Fun Factor:

Offline against the AI, I find most of the game to be a serious grind which in turn is boring to me. The special events add more challenge which brings some fun. The Seasonal Events are fun too as you can race in a rivals style mode and challenge your friends. I wonder if I got all my license if it will become more fun and challenging ?


Time of day changes
Weather effects
Tracks list is incredible
Best Physics on PS3
Could be fun via a league
Large car list


Lot of the same from GT5
Premium vs standard cars still populate cars list
Sounds are really bad
Damage is non existent in all offline play
AI drivers are drones

Revs scale:

7 out of 10.

Final thoughts.. I know the fans of GT are going to hate me for my review, but I can’t give it more than a 7. It’s a C on the grading scale from school which equates to a 7 for me. What the heck Polyphony ??  Why did you rebrand GT5 and not make any significant changes.  I hope that your are seriously deep into GT7 and that it’s coming by year end for the PS4. If it’s the same as this, and just another rehash, Im sorry but this series will be dead to me.

Multiplayer could be a lot of fun if you find a good host and group to race with. Other than that. This title is nothing but a grind with a few aspects that are fun. It’s not racing at all against the AI. More like a track day with a bunch of rookies that don’t know how to drive. I so wanted to enjoy this title, but am having a hard time with it. The license test were fun trying to try and beat times of my friends, but that only goes so far.  Where’s B Spec ?? I know it’s supposed to come, but I think I’d have more fun with that then what the offline play has to offer.

If you have GT5, don’t bother with this until they serious update the sounds, damage and AI unless of course you have a league to race with. Otherwise, it’s not much different to warrant the new price of GT6. Actually, you can probably get this discounted or used at this point. Matter of fact I think I saw it at a pawn store recently. Or, rent it before you buy to see if it’s what you’d like