Genesis Racing Shoes Reviewed

I’ve been asked a lot about whats better, to race with socks or get a racing shoe or something like it. I see a lot of sim racers out there looking for a good racing shoe that’s affordable. I’ve put these through their paces and here’s my review of the Genesis Racing Shoes from Racingline.

If you’ve shopped for racing shoes in the past, you’ve probably noticed they’re not so affordable. A while back I got a pair of Simpson drag racing shoes for track days in my Camaro and they were around $100 at the time. That’s about the cheapest you can get them for as the prices climb pretty high from there.

Genesis Racing Shoes

Racingline has these available for $65 with FREE SHIPPING within the Continental US (48 States).  They also ship to (Alaska, Hawaii) and internationally but you’ll need to contact them in regards to the shipping costs to those locations.

They come in black, blue, Grey, or red and have a 30 Days 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (Return) Policy. I have two sets one in blue and one in black and the blues are actually on sale right now for $59. The reason I have two is that they initially sent me a set that are size 11’s due to them running about a 1/2 size larger than normal US shoe sizes and I’m a size 12.

Here’s some specs on them..

• Suede Leather with Mesh Side for Better Breath-ability
• Carbon Fiber in Select area for Added Prevention from Wear and Tear
• Ultra Thin Sole for Better Feel of the Pedal and Greater Control of the Car
• They come in sizes (US) 7 thru 12 or what would equate to 7 1/2 through 12 1/2

The size 11’s were too small and my feet started to cramp after about an hour and the size 12’s were a tad big. I ended up wearing some thick socks with the 12’s and they felt better. With the thick socks I found the shoes to be comfortable and ended up wearing them around the house and also when I left the house to run errands. I like the look of them as well.

Now on to how they performed. When using a very heavy brake like the Derek Speare designs pedals I have on my main rig, they provided the extra padding to handle the heavier load. I can’t race with those pedals comfortably using just socks. I ran with them for many hours at a time and they did a great job of making me feel like I was driving a real car.

I also started racing a lot with them on the console running T3PA or T500 pedals and I started to get used to and like running with them versus socks. Since they have a thin sole, they feel great and allow me to modulate the pedals as good as I would with just socks. Part of the reason I always raced with socks is that originally pedal sets didn’t have a progressive brake and I wanted that extra feel to properly modulate the throttle and brake.

In closing, if you wear a half size shoe, these should fit you perfectly. If you wear a regular size like me, they may be too big or too small. Great thing about them is that they come with a 30 day money back guarantee so if they don’t work for you, get your money back. If you’re interested in purchasing a pair of the Genesis Racing Shoes, head over to to order a pair. I’d like to thank Jones at Racing Line for reaching out to me and sending me a set to check out and review.