Fanatec Clubsport Handbrake Review

Presenting our Fanatec Clubsport Handbrake Review. Available only from and retails for $99.95 or 129.95€ and is currently available for pre-order only with an availability date of February 5th 2016.

The Fanatec Clubsport handbrake is potentiometer based and provides an analog input. Can be used on the PC or on a console system . We didn’t try it on the console since we had it mounted to Darins PC based setup. We’ll get in touch with Fanatec to find out which titles it’s compatible with and do a follow up video or talk about it on a This Week Inside Sim Racing episode. We assume it would work with Project Cars since you can map a lot of different inputs.

Connection is via the Fanatec Clubsport v2 or V3 pedals and comes with the cables for either. Optional direct to USB adapter goes for $19.95 or 24.95€

You can mount it two different ways, either horizontally or vertically. You’ll need a custom option though for it since none of the chassis on the market offer a handbrake mount that we know of.

Fanatec Clubsport Handbrake 2

Works great for drifting and rally titles. We tried it with Dirt Rally, Live for Speed and Assetto Corsa.

Pretty straight forward review so we’ll get right to the Pros, cons and final thoughts.

Can connect direct to Clubsport pedals or via USB with optional USB adapter
Reasonably priced
Analog device
Can mount handle in different ways / vertical or horizontal
Adds to immersion with Rally or Drift titles
Comfortable grip

Handle has some flex
Mounting options are limited

Final thoughts:

When it comes to rally or drifting, an analog handbrake is a must to get the most out of your experience. Compared to having to press a button, or use a shifter the way it wasn’t intended, a handbrake like this can make all the difference in the world.

Getting proficient or comfortable with a handbrake can take a lot of practice. But once mastered, it’s a must have for rally and drifting.

It’s not the most high end handbrake on the market, but does the job well. Sure you can get a load cell or hydraulic setup, but do you really need it spending $250 up to almost $400. I guess it depends on how into drifting and or rally racing you are.