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DiRT 4 Impressions

Presenting our Impressions on DiRT 4 so far. Since we like to spend ample time reviewing a new title – and haven’t had ample time yet with DiRT 4 – this impressions video gives you a little taste of our thoughts so far.

With that said, if you are looking for a quality review of DiRT 4, make sure you don’t write this one off.  While we’re not calling it a review – since we’re not far enough in the game – we still hit on pretty much all the big and little details that matter, giving you our thoughts so far.

01:27 DiRT 4 Intro
04:03 DirtFish School
04:36 Field of View
06:21 HUD
07:09 Sound Levels
08:35 Triple Screen & VR Support
09:10 Force Feedback
10:40 Handling & Physics
16:01 Sound
17:35 AI
18:57 Graphics

If you’re interested in DiRT 4, we are giving away copies of the game on all three platforms.  Click here to find out how to enter the giveaway.  But act fast, we’ll be closing the contest on Friday June 9th!