RaceRoom – What Is in the Works Right Now?

We’re about half way into March, and Sector3 Studios has decided to bring back a tradition from the good old SimBin days – development updates! New updates will be posted every now and then when there’s something new to report. Here’s what was covered in the current one – and more!

A Room Full of Features

Here is a quick rundown of the new features mentioned in the post

Adjustable Tyre Pressures

Rolled out on a per-car basis. Currently in beta testing with the following models / classes:

  • Formula RaceRoom Junior
  • Unannounced Formula car
  • Touring Classics
  • WTCR
  • Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (991.2)
  • Porsche 911 Carrera (964)
  • GTR2
  • GT4 Clubsport Trophy
  • Group C
  • Group 4
  • Mercedes DTM 1995

Flat Spots

Another tyre-related feature, also being rolled out on a per-car basis. Current beta-testing candidates:

  • DTM 1992
  • Formula RaceRoom Junior
  • Group 4
  • Group C
  • GT4 Clubsport Trophy
  • GTR2
  • Porsche 911 Carrera (964)
  • Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (991.2)
  • WTCR
  • Touring Classics
  • Unannounced Formula car

Suspension Damage

Here is a WIP example:

Revision of Damage Settings

A result of the previous point. Current ideas for damage settings:

None = no visual damage, no mechanical damage, no punctures, no flat spots, no parts falling off.
Minimum = mechanical damage and visual damage are on. No punctures, no flat spots, no suspension damage or wheels falling off
Complete = everything on

Dedicated Server Features

  • Session info block:
    • Added list of connected players with their user ID, with a live count of their incident points.
    • Added ability to kick a certain player out
    • Added current session and timer
    • Added a “Next Session” button and a “Restart Session” button
  • Car selection list:
    • Added car specific weight ballast (for your personal BOP adjustments)
  • User management block:
    • Added user specific weight ballast (for leagues with success ballast)
    • Added management of banned users

Updates to the Shared Memory API

The idea behind this one is to expose as much of the available telemetry as s possible. A consequence is though that all 3rd party applications currently using Sector3’s shared memory block will not work anymore. Sector3 has already provided guidance for 3rd-party devs on how to use new API – available here.

Support for web-based in-game overlays and potentially a fully customisable HUD

New Oschersleben Layouts (free for current and future owners of the DLC)

  • A Course (already available)
  • “Motorcycle” A Course (fast turn 1 chicane)
  • B Course (shortcut after turn 3)
  • “Motorcycle” B Course (fast turn version)

Physics Updates

Two main points where mentioned: Revision of DTM 1992 and Touring Classic classes and support for electric cars. The latter is being closely developed together with “a major player in the industry”.

Fanatec SDK

Sector3 Studios is also working together with Fanatec to bring the latest Fanatec features, such as special switches or the on-wheel LED’s (think yellow flag warnings) to RaceRoom.

For more info on the above points, you can check out the original post right here.

New Content Announced

On another note, some new Group C content has been announced and is coming as soon as with the next patch. The two cars in question are the Porsche 962 C Team Joest and the Nissan R90CK

RaceRoom Porsche 962 C and Nissan R90CK announcement 1

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