RaceRoom – Most Autodrom and 2018 ADAC GT Masters Now Live

It is update time for Sector3 Studios’ RaceRoom, and this time, yet again, lots of new content has made its way into the public. More specifically, the whole 2018 season of the German 2018 ADAC GT Masters series and Czech Most Autodrom!

RaceRoom’s “Most” Exciting Track of 2019

Autodrom Most would probably not be the first choice for most people when thinking of new tracks, but then, this makes it a perfect fit for RaceRoom’s very diverse track catalogue.

Here are some of the hard facts, courtesy of the (Autodrom) Most official website, just like the track image below (top image, real world, bottom three, in-game shots):

  • length 4,212 m
  • width 12 – 14 m
  • Longest straight 792 m
  • Shortest straight 150 m
  • 21 curves (9 left and 12 right)
  • Superelevation 12.04 m
  • maximum up-gradient +2.8 %
  • maximum down-gradient -3.2 %
  • clockwise travel direction
  • professional timing
  • 42 boxes

The track also ties in nicely with the second addition in the update, as it became part of ADAC GT Masters calendar in 2018.

Autodrom Most track shot

2018 ADAC GT Masters

The 2018’s season line-up features the Porsche 911 GT3 R, Mercedes AMG GT3, Audi R8 LMS, BMW M6 GT3 and the Callaway Corvette C7 GT3-R. The corresponding RaceRoom pack offers the cars plus all of the official liveries at a discounted price of 999 VRP, available here.

Autodrom Most is also available in the RaceRoom store right here.


Of course, no new content without some new software features. Check out the changelog for the latest version of RaceRoom below.

Update details:
Download size = 2.3 GB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 3514929
Dedi version = 49.0.814
Dedi BuildID = 3514858


  • Added ADAC GT Masters 2018 car class
  • Added Most Autodrom
  • Modifications to MK Motorsport liveries present in RaceRoom, to celebrate their 40th anniversary : BMW M1 Procar #105, #151, #152. BMW M235i #308


  • Traction Control now triggers over a minimum speed to improve standing starts
  • AI – Further mprovements to behavior while racing in a pack
  • Restarting a race session now lets you access to car setup menu.
  • Changed race results so they show each group’s winner’s laps instead of session’s lap, since it can be lower for slower classes
  • Fixed an issue with “Rotate” pitstop order (ADAC rules preset) where left and right tyres wouldn’t be swapped but instead replaced with fresh ones.
  • Fixed an issue with results in a Multiclass race event
  • Fixed a reported issue where the game could show a black screen during loading if the browser tab failed to load.

Physics, Sounds, Cameras, AI

  • Audi 90Q GTO : Improved standing starts, tweaks to turbo boost.
  • GTR2 class: Physics and AI behavior improvements (smoothed out gearchanges, improved automatic gearbox behavior, reduced effective slip angle of rear tyres under load, reduced Downshift Prevention intervention, Increased blip on downshifts, tweaks to fuel estimates. Grip of soft tyres increased by 2%.
  • GTR3 class : further balance of performance tweaks, smoothed out gearshifts
  • GTR4 class : Made AI quicker, reduced Downshift Prevention intervention, tweaked gearshifts, automatic gearbox behavior improvement. Tweaks to default setup of the Lotus, increased KTM drag a bit.
  • Mercedes C-Class DTM 1995 : Smoothed out gearshifts, made AI a bit less careful.
  • Porsche 911 GT3 Cup : Fixed AI rear instability. Smoothed out gearshifts and reduced Downshift Prevention intervention
  • Porsche 911 GT3 R : Cockpit sounds tweaked
  • Porsche 934 RSR : Stiffer springs on default setup
  • Porsche Cayman CS + Porsche Cayman CS MR : Smoothed the drivetrain
  • Chang (full) : fixed a blocked TV cam view
  • Laguna Seca : new static TV cams
  • Lausitzring (all layouts) : new static TV cams
  • Macau : new Static TV cams
  • Mantorp (GP + Short) : new static TV cams
  • Mid-Ohio (all layouts) : new static TV cams
  • Monza (full + junior) : new static TV cams
  • Moscow (all layouts) : new static TV cams
  • Norisring : new static TV cams
  • Nürburgring (full + dtm + short ) : new static TV cams

RaceRoom 2018 ADAC GT Masters banner

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