Sector3 Studios – R3E Hotfix Available – Server Issues Being Worked On

Last week we reported on Sector3 Studio’s live development stream and subsequently the rather sizeable update that emerged  afterwards. Since its release, the team at Sector3 have continued to work on some post update issues that were identified and have now been addressed in the form of a Hotfix. The RaceRoom Hotfix is available now and rectifies some minor portal and circuit issues associated with the update.

However, there is one major issue plaguing players that have installed the November update. Many players are reporting Error 503, which relates to server and connectivity problems. The studio has assured players through Twitter and on the official Steam page that they are ceaselessly working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. They are hoping that it will not be too much longer before players are able to connect to the server and get out on the circuit to try the new 2016 DTM and Audi TT Cup content, which was simultaneously released with the update.

Sector3 Studios – Steam Page Statement Regarding Ongoing Server Issues:

We are aware of the connectivity issues many of you are experiencing with the latest update.  Our team has been working day and night and so far managed to minimize those problems, but we will keep pressing on until the issues are completely resolved. Thank you all for your continued support and patience during this time.

Complete RaceRoom – Open Beta V0.3.0.5298-Changelog:


  • Some optimizations, to reduce load times
  • Added files for upcoming KTM competition
  • Sounds, Cameras, Physics, AI:
  • Fixed the excessive damage when using H-Box shifting with manual clutch
  • DTM 2013, 2014 and 2015 : Fixed DRS bug introduced with the new aerodynamics system.


  • Bathurst: AI tweaks
  • Nordschleife 24H layout: adjusted some AI corridors
  • Paul Ricard Solution 3C: Fixed a wrong cut track detection