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RaceRoom – BMW M235i Racing + Patch Now Available

Long in the works, now finally here, the BMW M235i Racing for RaceRoom! Together with the car, Sector3 Studios also rolled out a new patch.

The BMW M235i Racing

The result was well worth the wait. Sector3 Studios describes the car as follows:

It is one of the most accurate virtual representations of a real racing car that you will ever drive.

Being able to say that, is a result of various extra efforts that were made for ensuring maximum realism. For example, the data BMW provided on the car was not enough for Sector3. Thus, the Swedish sim developer collaborated not with one but two racing teams, owning and racing the car, Duwo team and Sorg Rennsport.

The two teams did not only provide data, thanks to Duwo, the best possible sound recordings from every imaginable angle could be achieved.

To apply the finishing touches and get the feeling of the car just right, Oskar Sandberg helped out with beta testing. Since he drives the car in real life and was even able to win (!) the Dubai 24 Hour race, he was able to provide very valuable input.

Whilst the BMW M235i Racing is considered entry-level, it is still a real race car and ideal for learning and mastering its natural habitat, the Nürburgring Nordschleife!

You can purchase the car now for 349 VRP or, if you want all the real liveries, you can go for the 729 VRP version.

A new patch

The BMW is not the only novelty in RaceRoom-world this week, a new patch was also released. It changed the default force feedback of Thrustmaster wheels, took care of various gameplay issues, added some dedicated server features, improved the sound of all (!) cars and even added some new ones to the Mercedes 190 DTM 1992 and the Opel Omega DTM 1992.


Here is the full changelog for this week’s patch:


  • Lowered default minimum force setting for Thrustmaster wheels.
  • Fixed Slow Down penalty calculations on turbocharged cars
  • Fixed cut detection logic on tracks with pitlane close to the track like Laguna Seca where simple cuts would result in disproportionate penalties.
  • DRS no longer deactivates from lateral G’s
  • Changed so game stops reporting error 13 when leaving a game session after only losing a couple heartbeats during the session
  • Change so the pitlane speed information overlay always shows when inside the pitlane.
  • Fixed a case where cars would appear to be hovering above tarmac on pre-race screens.
  • Fixed some data displays showing a ticker counting up to 0 at race starts.
  • Fixed an invalid lap overlay that was sometimes showing without any text.
  • Added a button to view the leaderboards upon finishing a hillclimb run so we could get rid of the non elegant solution of showing the position bar to inform the player of his position.
  • Changed the logic for the “Restart” button in leaderboards & competitions so it no longer purges your best lap and can still show the live time diff to your ghost on the data display.
  • Fixed a message wrongly stating the next lap would be invalidated in Hillclimb runs.
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD elements would sometimes be moved when coming back from an instant replay.
  • Fixed a crash occuring sometimes when cycling through cameras in the pitlane.
  • Game now aborts start-up if no display adapter resolution was found.


  • Added a dedicated server setting to set a latency limit (in milliseconds). Any player caught consistently above that limit will be automatically booted.
  • Added a dedicated server setting to force the race to end after a set time (in seconds). When set to OFF, the server will always wait for a race winner.
  • Fixed an issue where the dedicated server would sometimes not wait for late joiners to complete their loading sequence and proceed to next session anyway.
  • Fixed a case where disconnected players would sometimes remain visible on the HUD track map.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:

  • All cars: new external gearshifts added.
  • All cars: Adjusted suspension sounds.
  • All cars: Road Noise is now pure of any chassis sounds. Increased trigger sensitivity of bump samples.
  • Audi TT cup : Increased AI respect for other cars space
  • Mercedes 190 DTM 1992 : New sounds
  • Opel Omega DTM 1992 : New sounds
  • Hockenheim : fixed a harsh cut detection on the right hander entering the stadium area.
  • Nordschleife : Tweaked AI speed in Carousel.
  • Spa-Francorchamps : added some fly by cameras

Portal & Backend:

  • Added Team information on player profile and leaderboards.
  • Free content is now visible again in store.


  • Lada Vesta 2017: Fixed an interior window texture
  • Nürburgring : modified the font of the Porsche tagline on the GP pitwall.
  • Spa-Francorchamps: Resurfaced to reflect current asphalt, small fixes and tweaks.

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