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RaceRoom Audi TT RS VLN Test Drive at Nordschleife VLN

Presenting Test Drive of the new Audi TT RS VLN at its home, Nordschleife VLN, on RaceRoom. The VLN version of the Audi TT was a little bit of a head scratcher since there’s a newer version of the TT Cup car in the sim, but as Billy points out, at 6 seconds a lap faster than the Cup car, the VLN carves a spot of its own in the title.

The adaptive AI – good version, not the ones that speed up and slow down in the race – is also on display, with Billy running a couple races before hand so they could learn how fast he is, and make for a competitive race.

Such a cool feature.

Besides that, it’s a few laps around The Green Hell in a tight race, so get your popcorn!