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RaceRoom Racing Experience – Formula RaceRoom 3 & Update Released

Formula RaceRoom 3 is the latest offering from the Swedish based Sector 3 Studios. The new open wheeler series is designed to slot in between RaceRoom’s Tatuus F4 and Formula RaceRoom 2 series’. Players graduating from the lower tiered Tatuus F4 series can use this new Formula RaceRoom 3 category to prepare themselves for the increased challenges of the faster and more powerful Formula RaceRoom 2 cars.

The premise of the Formula RaceRoom 3 series is to provide a car with lower engine output and high-downforce. The FR3 is also meant to closely resemble the characteristics of recent real Formula 3 cars. Weighing just 565 kg with its driver, the car is powered by a naturally aspirated inline four cylinder 2.0 litre engine producing 240 bhp. Redlining at 7300 rpm, the car has a top speed of around 250 kmh! The FR3 is fitted with a paddle shifted six-speed gearbox.

You can purchase the new series in the RaceRoom Store for 349vRP, while one of the 26 individual liveries will set you back, 29vRP.

Sector 3 Studio’s description of their newest open wheeler series:

The FR3 is an open-wheel racing machine with highly efficient aerodynamics and incredibly performant brakes resulting in very quick lap times. It sits in the middle of the Formula RaceRoom ladder and gives you the best of both sides. You’ll need the precision and racecraft of the slower formula cars, and you get the adrenaline and excitement of the faster formula cars. It is the logical step up from the Tatuus F4 and it will prepare you to take on the F2 class. All in all the FR3 is a pivotal car to master and a lot of fun to drive at the same time!

Formula RaceRoom 3 Car Specifications:

  • 2.0 liter inline 4 cylinder, naturally aspirated
  • 240hp @ 6300 Rpm
  • 300Nm @ 5000 Rpm
  • Redline at 7300 Rpm
  • 6-speed paddle shift
  • 565 kg including driver
  • Maximum theoretical downforce is 780 kg @ 250 km/h

RaceRoom FR3

Sector 3 also released an update to their title addressing several well documented issues in the general game, multiplayer, sounds, physics, AI, portal and backend. For your convenience, the complete changelog has been included here below.

Sector 3’s complete list of changes, fixes and improvements for the RaceRoom Racing Experience update:


  • Fixed an issue where the game would get stuck after skipping a session in a custom championship.
  • Fixed an issue where the car setup file was being saved in the wrong directory after loading championship.
  • Fixed an issue with cars being too spread out in rolling start and almost going off the road.
  • Fixed an issue where tyres were changing regardless of player choice during pitstop.
  • Fixed so brake bias etc. can only be changed as long as the player’s car hasn’t finished the race.
  • Reduced FFB slip effects for default xBox gamepad control sets.


  • Removed RaceSeriesFormat from multiplayer (now it always use custom/RRE format).
  • Disabled full lap time syncing upon joining a dedicated server. It now only requests the best lap time of each opponent instead of all of them. This should help with people experiencing problems when joining a server at the end of a long practice or qualifying session.
  • Fixed an issue where opponents driving certain cars such as Audi TT Cup would appear to have a bad stance, appearing taller.
  • Fixed an issue with garage countdown timer still being visible in menus after leaving a MP session during garage phase.
  • Fixed an issue with dedis not reporting results to the backend.
  • Fixed issue with dedis not using correct race length for race 2 & 3.

Sounds, Physics & AI:

  • Reduced engine sensitivity to side contacts in mid and rear engine cars
  • Sachsenring: Fixed AI hitting the tire wall at pit exit
  • Red Bull Ring Spielberg: Added alternative layout Südschleife National Circuit
  • Finalized Formula RaceRoom 3 physics and AI for release

Portal & Backend:

  • Added option to hide password-protected servers to MP browser.
  • Added a quick search field to MP browser.
  • Fixed an issue with competition end countdown being inaccurate for players in different timezones.
  • Fixed an issue with an essential pack already owned appearing as purchasable when looking at a car in car selection menus.