Project CARS Previews New Content

Slightly Mad Studios have taken to the vein of my existence – the non-picture-savable site known as Instagram (making blogging difficult) – to tease some upcoming content once again.  This time around, the stars of the show are Dallara DW12 and the Radical RXC.


Let’s start with the RXC.  The inclusion of the RXC to Project CARS was announced nearly two years ago, but now it seems the road/track Radical is on the way.  Powered by a Ford Ecoboost 3.5 liter Turbo engine providing 460 hp, and with not a lot of mass to propel, it should be a fun car.  I’m thinking California Highway for this guy…


Then there’s the Dallara DW12 Indycar, which comes with good news and bad news.  Good news?  It’s an Indycar!  Bad news?  It’s not the latest iteration of the car.  This model is the 2012-2014 version of the car with the standard Dallara body kit.  So I guess in that sense it’s true?

It would have been nice to see SMS include either the Honda or Chevy aero kit, so we could drive a modern version of it, like we can in Forza 6.  With that said, Indycar has been so wishy-washy with their kits and whether or not they’ll continue using/updating them, I understand the hesitation to go all in on them.

Maybe a more intriguing story around the Indycar is it’s home base, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS).  The Speedway was announced a long time ago as DLC for Project CARS.  More recently though, SMS has been talking up IMS for Project CARS 2, arriving in the summer of 2016.  So that’s different…

At the very least, I hope that the DW12 has the features that were promised at launch, such as road and oval configuration, Push to Pass and oval flag rules.  As we saw with rFactor 2, coding oval flag rules for a non-oval platform is anything but trivial.