Indianapolis 500 and DW-12 Coming to Project CARS

Add a third hat to the Indy 500 ring.  After iRacing released their version of the DW-12 this week and rFactor 2 has their newly updated Indianapolis Motors Speedway (IMS) and DW-12 coming soon, comes the announcement that the Indy 500 is coming to Project CARS.

Currently, Project CARS has an “Indy like” track named Harrison Pike Raceway with a scenic mountain background in the title.  Since there aren’t any mountains in Indiana – it has been two weeks since I’ve been to IMS, so maybe I’m wrong – Project CARS will be coming out with a “true to life virtual version of the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway venue.”  Bye, bye mountains, us Midwesterner’s enjoyed the elevation change while we had it.

Not only will an accurate version of IMS be coming to the title but the DW-12 IndyCar is as well.  In the release, Project CARS says, “all cars and drivers from the 2015 IndyCar Series will be available.”  The cars will also feature the three aero configurations; large oval, small oval and road and street courses.

With the release specifically saying “2015 IndyCar’s,” it sounds like the new content will come in the form of an update after release.  Project CARS is scheduled to be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam OS, WiiU and PC starting this November.

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