History of Project Cars by DigiProst

One of the top sim racing video producers in our community Digiprost just released a video that chronicles the history of Project Cars that spans the last three years. Man, has it been that long ?? The title “Project Cars History 3 Years of Videos” is based on the many videos he has put together during that span. If you’re a fan of his channel, you have been witness to many Project Cars videos, 107 to be exact. As you can see, since November of 2011 he has put a lot of time and effort into Project Cars.

It’s a little over 5 minutes in length and set to some very dramatic music.

History of Project Cars

Some people have been saying that Project Cars is “not a sim” in our forums. What do you think ?

You can check out all 107 of his Project Cars videos in this playlist on You Tube.