Here Are the Eleven Porsches Coming to Project CARS 2

After the exclusive license agreement with EA came to an end, the addition of Porsches was announced for a lot of racing games, e.g. Assetto Corsa or Gran Turismo Sport. Another one of the games was Project CARS 2 and after a lot of teasing, we now finally know which Porsche models are coming to Slightly Mad Studios’ new racing blockbuster later this year.


The following Porsches will be part of Project CARS 2:

911 GT1-98
911 GT3 R (991)
911 GT3 R Endurance (991)
911 GT3 RS
918 Spyder
936 Spyder
962C Langheck
Cayman GT4 Clubsport

Slightly Mad Studios manages to keep a good balance between modern-era and historic models.

One of the fastest cars around

With the 918, Slightly Mad Studios is including one of the fastest road-cars around and with the McLaren P1 and maybe even some other cars, the 918 has a lot to look out for in-game.

Modern but already a classic

Road-going but not quite as fast is the GT3 RS, which you should be familiar with by now. While it may seem to be a little on the slower side compared to the 918, you should never underestimate a Porsche. It is a serious road and track weapon!

Porsche’s modern racing cars

If you fancy some modern-day Porsche race-cars, then the Cayman GT4, 911 GT3 R and 911 GT3 R Endurance are ready for you to take them to the track.

Le Mans

The rawness of historic Le Mans race cars can also be experienced in the 911 GT1-98, 962C, 962C Langheck and 936 Spyder. But be warned, these cars are unforgiving.

Racing history

To round the package off, Slightly Mad Studios has added a pair of Porsche 935’s. The 935/77 was a special edition of the race car sold to 13 lucky Porsche customers and the 935/80 was a one-off edition of the 935, specially made for Georg Loss, a German businessman and racing driver.

LMP or rally Porsches did not make the list, so maybe Slightly Mad Studios is saving those up for a later DLC.

IndyCars are coming to Project CARS 2 too! If you want to know more about the announcement, you can head here, and for an insight into the development process, you can head here.

Previews of some of the cars were published as well. You can check them out below!

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