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Project CARS 2 – E3 Trailer Announces Release Date

Just recently we learnt that IndyCars and Porsches were coming to Project CARS 2. However, a release for the game was only given in form of a timeframe – late 2017. Now, we know more! In preparation for the E3 game show next week, expect lots of coverage from our side, Slightly Mad Studios has released a new trailer for Project CARS 2, giving some sneak-peaks of new content and a release date – September 22! You can view the trailer above.

What we saw

Apart from the release date, there is a lot to see in the latest Project CARS 2 trailer. Here is what we saw:


Ferraris are coming to Project CARS 2! The trailer not only shows a race-spec version of the Ferrari 488, which you can enjoy in iRacing since Tuesday by the way, but also the mighty Ferrari F40!


While this year’s Monaco F1 race did not hold too many surprises, the Circuit de Monaco will definitely make for some tremendous racing in Project CARS 2.

Project CARS 2 Circuit de Monaco

Nissan R390 GT1

The Porsche 911 GT1 has a play-mate – the mighty Nissan R390 GT1!

Project CARS 2 Nissan R390 GT1

Mysterious formula car

We also spotted a new formula car, which we could not identify. It has an exceptionally large, aerodynamically-shaped windshield. Maybe another one of Slightly Mad Studios’ own creations? Any ideas?

Project CARS 2 mysterious formula car

Ligier JS P2

A rather uncommon addition to Project CARS 2’s car roster comes in form of the Ligier JS P2 LMP2 car. You can see it overtaking the Ford GT LM GTE-PRO in the trailer. It also gives us a great idea of the multi-class racing which will be possible in Project CARS 2.

Project CARS 2 Ligier JS P2

Weather conditions

These are greatly showcased by giving us a glimpse of the Nordschleife’s Karussel turn – covered in snow!

A new fictional circuit?

Briefly we get to see Ken Blocks Fiesta driving through some kind of tunnel, which most likely belongs to another fictional track.

Project CARS 2 new fictional circuit

Texas Motor Speedway

To expand on the virtual selection of the IndyCars’ natural habitat, Slightly Mad Studios has treated Project CARS 2 to another oval – Texas Motor Speedway!

Project CARS 2 Texas Motor Speedway

Historic Monza

We can also see some historic formula cars, probably a Lotus 49, racing on a highly banked curve, which could belong to a historic version of Monza.

Project CARS 2 Monza historic

Surfers Paradise

Some sideways-action of a highly modified Mazda MX-5 was shown as well. The location could be Australian Surfers Paradise.

Project CARS 2 Surfer's Paradise drifting

Group 5

Some group 5 cars can be spotted too. Here is the Nissan Skyline 2000RS as an example. Many of the cars are already available in RaceRoom.

Project CARS 2 Nissan Skyline group 5

Project CARS 2 release date banner


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