Assetto Corsa Ferrari 312T Announced – Images !

If you’re not familiar, Assetto Corsa is a new next generation PC-based racing game for Windows that is expected to be released in 2013.

It’s being developed by Kunos Simulazoni who have are also responsible for developing Ferrari Virtual Academy and Netkar Pro which we’ve covered here at Inside Sim Racing. We’ve also covered the “Tech Preview” of Assetto Corsa and are dying for more. Especially cars like the 312T that was driven by Niki Lauda. and mentioned in the subject line of this blog.

Kunos had planned a pre-order but the laws in Italy stopped them from moving forward with it. I think that’s frustrated us sim racers a little bit, but I’m sure the Kunos team is eager to get it into all of our hands.

For now, here’s a gallery of killer images with the 312T as the main focal point.

I’ve also included a gallery of some of the incredible cars they have licensed for Assetto. Can you tell us what they all are ?

To see more images from Kunos, check these spots out:

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