Throwback Thursdays – Enthusia Professional Racing

For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we are taking a look at one of the hidden gems of console racing simulators, Enthusia Professional Racing. Released in 2005 for the Playstation 2, this title was Konami’s first (and I believe only) modern racing sim. While it was overshadowed by Gran Turismo 4, Enthusia definitely had a place in laying down the framework for future racing simulators. We actually did a brief review of the title back in 2010 (first segment of video below), so you can check it out!

Enthusia featured a car list of 211 vehicles. While that may sound small compared to GT4’s 850+, Enthusia had more obscure makes and models, that weren’t in many other racing titles. You were able to race a SMART Car (Even though I don’t know who would want to), a De Tomaso Pantera (GT Legends would be the next sim to feature it around 8 months later), even a Bugatti EB110 (Forza 3 would include that car 3 years later). Enthusia was also one of the first racing games to accurately model an automatic transmission, with realistic behavior.

The physics engine was quite ahead of its time as well. The game featured realistic behaviors which were accurately depicted by the car models as well. The force feedback for Logitech wheels were very accurate, and the Driving Force Pro/GT and G25 features full support for 900 degrees of rotation.


While Enthusia doesn’t rank among the top sims of this modern day, it definitely was one of the underrated titles of its day. You can find a copy for a decent price on Amazon, and I believe that older PS3 models can play it.

Did you play Enthusia back in the day? what did you think of it compared to, say, a Gran Turismo or a Forza title?

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