Driveclub – Update 1.28 Brings 30 Urban Circuits To Original Game

Sony have issued their latest and perhaps final update for the Playstation title, Driveclub. As a parting gesture, update 1.28 brings 30 Urban circuits to the original game! The update itself is a considerable 5.75 GB, which will add 15 new circuits that can also be raced in the reverse direction, effectively creating a total of 30 new circuits.

At the time of writing, version 1.28 patch notes for the final Driveclub update had not yet been revealed. There was also a brief summary of the update, which included a touching farewell note from the game’s creators posted to the internet yesterday, 31-10-2016.

Version 1.28

Adds fifteen new tracks, plus reverse variants: Gujo in Japan, Ashii in India, Iquique in Chile, Port of Vancouver in Canada, Bryggen in Norway. Thanks for your support. Thanks for your commitment. Farwell and enjoy the game.

PlayStation Europe tweeted:

The Urban Tracks update for #DRIVECLUB rolls out today, bringing tracks from #DRIVECLUBVR to the standard edition. Update now & get racing

With the closure earlier this year of Evolution Studios and its subsequent take over by Codemasters, this will almost definitely be the final update for the Playstation-only driving title. Most of the staff at Evolution Studios are already working on new IP sim racing content under the umbrella of their new employers at Codemasters. Once the final update notes are posted, we will append them to this article. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.