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MPPC SimPedals

One of my favorite parts about the community, especially in our forums, is that we get to hear stories of other racers and the hardware they use. Member Craig Capon (known in our forums as Zero7159) was asked by Michael Main of Main Performance PC to test out a set of their SimPedals. Since then, he has put between 60 to 100 hours on the set, and decided to share his thoughts with us. The review is quite detailed and is definitely a good read! You can read the review of the MPPC SimPedals here.

Craig has used quite a few pedal sets in his sim racing career, ranging from Logitech, to Fanatec, and also Thrustmaster pedal sets, and states that these pedals are in a class of their own. The unit can use either a load cell brake or an optional hydraulic system. Sadly, the hydraulic system wasn’t able to be reviewed, due to a mistake in the installation process. He also tested out both mounting systems available for the pedals, since he had a compatible Obutto cockpit.

The Main Performance PC SimPedals are planned for public release around September 19th. The planned price will be around $899 plus shipping. This price may sound really steep, but Michael is touting some technical advancements that he feels justifies the cost. The pedals will operate at 1000Hz, which will make it the fastest and most responsive pedal set on the market. An optional hydraulic add-on system can be purchased to convert the pedals to a hydraulic set. The pedal set will also be compatible with Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatec wheels, so you can use your pedals on the consoles as well! Note that if you plug the pedals into your wheel, it will operate at the frame rate as the wheel’s stock pedals.

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