Wave Italy – Wave Impetus 3 Pedal Set – High End Pedals

Today, I came across these cool looking high-end pedals, thanks FLOEB! Produced by Wave Italy, a Maranello based sim racing equipment manufacturer, the pedals are available in two or three pedal configurations with the clutch available as a separate pedal. The three options are the Wave Impetus, three pedal set, Wave Force, two pedal set and the single clutch pedal, Wave Rush.

The company produces a line of sim racing equipment based on a high level of engineering and design. Most of the employees have a background in the world of F1! On their website, they state the pedal’s main components are produced from anodized aluminium for precision and longevity. The industrial grade, load cell equipped brake pedal, is rated at 500kg with pressure at the pedal of up to 100kg. All three pedals have been designed to fit on a customisable mounting base which is included in the three pedal sets price. They can also bolt straight to a suitably constructed simulator, in either Formula / GT style or inverted for a more traditional street car set-up.

With prices for the pedals starting at €450,00 for the standalone clutch, €1300,00 for the two pedal set and €1500,00 for the three pedal set, they certainly look very clean, and minimalistic in their design! The big question of course is, are they worth their lofty price tags?

Wave Italy’s technical specifications for the Wave Impetus three pedal set:

Total customization’s freedom

  • Fully customizable ergonomic adjustment.
  • Pedals inclination and position of settable plates for every need.
  • Easy adjustment of the distance between the pedals.
  • Possibility to customize 100% the curve Force / brake shift
  • Adjustable support base.
  • The pedal support (optional) allows to install on floor, simulation platforms, or to hang it for traditional sessions.
  • Scuff plates, supplied with the optional support, to guide the heel position and the ergo-nomic adjustment of the leg / ankle angle.


  • The operating force applied on the accelerator can be adjusted to 7 different values, from the softest to the hardest.
  • Preload adjustable pedal force in two positions.
  • Professional rotating sensor, 5 million cycles and a resolution of 0.3°
  • Pedal corner with 2 positions:
    • Change in static position of +/- 10 ° pedal.
    • “End”adjustment: micrometer pedal position’s setting of 12.5 ° through the strut threaded.
  • Pedal stroke adjustable up to 25 ° with mechanical stop.


  • Variation of the static pedal’s position of +/- 10 °.
  • The feedback has been featured on the telemetric curve of real cars to re-produce faithfully the sensations of a professional pilot’s driving . Thanks to to our patented system – Patent Pending – it is possible to change the brake pedal feedback replacing the standard internal module with the ones sup-plied by Wave Italy to get feedback from a road, GT or Formula 1 car or customise it at choice.
  • The brake, equipped with a professional load cell, allows an operating pres-sure up to 500 Kg and a pedal force of up to 100kg.


The operating force applied to the clutch can be adjusted to 7 different values; Also the cam effect, to simulate the release of the clutch disc’s springs, is adjustable from soft to hard based on different settings.