Reiza Studios – VR Support For Automobilista?

Ever since the crowdfunding campaign got under way, Reiza Studios made the promise to early backers of Automobilista that it would include VR support. In a recently released statement, Renato Simioni explains the lack of VR support for Automobilista. Since the initial announcement regarding VR, it has been eerily quiet around its supposed inclusion and as we all now know, absent from the v1.0 update released last week.

It is anyone’s guess at this stage as to when VR will come to Automobilista. We have heard repeated statements from Renato Simioni and other members of the team connected with the title, VR support is coming. However, with numerous delays connected to the project, Renato Simioni has endeavoured to explain the reasons for delayed support of VR headsets by releasing the statement you can see here below. He has assured fans of the title that work has started up again on implementing support for VR headsets in the game.

With VR becoming more mainstream and sim racers turning to the new technology, there are still some of the bigger titles such as RaceRoom and rFactor who are lagging behind when it comes to VR support.

Oculus Rift CV1

Full Statement From Renato Simioni Regarding VR Support In Automobilista:

Some may recollect that we did initially propose support for VR towards the end of last year´s crowdfunding campaign for further SCE development, which eventually became AMS – unfortunately a few months after the campaign wrapped, circumstances developed both in the VR front (the evolving nature of this new technology, specifically DX9 no longer being officially supported by OR which effectively moved the goal posts from when we had proposed it) as well as our own (a developer leaving the team), which forced us to put this specific development on hold. When this happened we openly discussed it in Reiza 51 (the forum room specially conceived for communication with campaign backers), and gave an ample window for backers who had entered the campaign with the specific goal of seeing VR supported to get a refund for their investment.

We now are no longer in “wait and see” mode regarding VR, but openly intent on supporting it already with AMS. We are currently looking for developers to join us for this specific task, but until we do and have had the chance to assess it, it´s impossible to make any reliable estimate as to if and when it will actually come in time for AMS.

VR enthusiasts can rest assured that at this point we need no convincing regarding the relevance of VR for sim racing, however we currently have this unfortunate gap between wanting to do something and getting it done. When we have more news on the topic, we´ll make sure to share with you here.