Sim Racing Performance Guide ”Virtual Race Driver”

Chris Newman, a very passionate sim racing community member, has produced a sim racing performance guide entitled, ”Virtual Race Driver.” This informative and ”FREE” guide was produced in collaboration with some of the fastest sim racers in the world! Some of the sim racers to feature in the guide include Josh Martin, Bruno Do Carmo, Nick McMillen, Aurelien Mallet and Josh Muggleton! With his guide, Chris aims to help any sim racer, regardless of talent level or motivation to improve their sim racing to the level they aspire to.

If you ever wanted to know just how a truly quick sim racer achieves the best results, Virtual Race Driver contains the accrued knowledge and experience from some of the most successful sim racers who have made the leap from casual to pro sim racer, as well as real world motorsports. The guide contains some thoughtful and informative insights and tips expressed by the sim racers themselves, on how they have applied their skills to climb to the top of the ladder.

Chris’s sim racing performance guide has appeared in the midst of huge growth within the eSports genre, with more sim racers turning pro to compete in the growing number of sim racing championships around the world. Prize money is already attaining million dollar status, case in point, the upcoming January 2017 eRace in Las Vegas where one million dollars is up for grabs to the twenty pro Formula E drivers and ten of the best sim racers making the cut for the final.

Mentioned in the eBook are several of the major titles on both PC and console. If yours does not appear, the premise of the guide can be applied to almost any sim racing title available today. Chris plans to continuously update the guide so that it remains relevant. He has made the eBook free to download for anyone interested in improving their sim racing. You can download Chris Newman’s Virtual Race Driver by clicking this link.

Virtual Race Driver

Chris Newman’s Introduction to VIRTUAL RACE DRIVER:

This guide features some of the worlds fastest sim racers from a range of different sim racing titles like Gran Turismo, iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Forza motorsports, RFactor etc giving in their own opinions advice on what it takes to become one of the worlds fastest sim racers. The sim racers share their own unique training and driving secrets that have helped them get to the top ranks in sim racing. This is a free guide and if you read this guide you will knock seconds from your laptimes in no time with the amazing performance techniques the worlds fastest sim racers share with you. If you are looking for some quick tips to knock a few seconds off your laptimes or you are wanting to reach the highest ranks in sim racing this free guide will have you covered.