How Vesaro and Team BRIT Are Kickstarting Isabelle Weall’s Racing Career

To people without a great interest in motorsport, racing as an amputee may sound just about impossible. However, racing heroes such as Alex Zanardi, who lost both his legs after a severe racing accident, have proven that it is not only possible but successfully possible. 14-year-old Isabelle Weall is now aiming to follow a similar path together with the help of Team BRIT and Vesaro.

Who is Team BRIT?

Team BRIT is, as you might have already guessed, an English racing team. No ordinary team though – it is on a mission.

Consisting solely of people living with disabilities, many of whom are veterans, the “British Racing Injured Troops” (BRIT) provide an “intensive driver development programme” to prepare their members for competing with the able-bodied in all sorts of racing series. The ultimate goal – Le Mans by 2020.

Team BRIT and its partners developed a unique steering wheel, more info here, which allows the drivers to fully operate the cars only with their hands.

14-year-old Isabelle Weall is now the first quadruple-amputee to join the ranks!

How does Vesaro fit into the picture?

Obviously, there is no way you can get into racing without any decent training. And how do you train for racing? Obvious.

Regular equipment will not work for Isabelle though and that is where Vesaro comes into play. The high-end (motion) simulator manufacturer is specially developing a simulator, fitted with one of Team BRIT’s purpose-built steering wheels, which will allow Isabelle and the rest of the team, there are more sims in the works, to get some adequate off-track training done!

Once again, the possibilities of sim racing are endless!

If you want to support the cause, there is still a crowdfunding campaign going on (the goal has already been met).

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