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Vesaro – New V75 Formula 1 Stage 3 Motion Simulator!

Vesaro have built a name for producing some very refined high-end elegantly styled metal sim racing simulators. The British – Kent  based company’s simulators can be found all around the world, often represented at major motorsports events, including the annual SimRacing Expo held yearly at the Nurburgring in Germany. December 5th, Vesaro released a video on their YouTube channel of one of their newest flagships, the V75 Formula 1 Stage 3 Motion Simulator (3/4 car)! The predominately black and yellow £66,658.00 F1 inspired chassis is almost a complete F1 car with only the front suspension and wheels missing from its make-up. The rear suspension arms are powered by DBOX 1.5 inch dual motion actuators, which afford the simulator, pitch, yaw and roll.

The accompanying video gives us a look at the simulator in action. The steering wheel is a very nice new open wheel model  which Nevil Slade, CEO at Vesaro, told me a little about at this year’s SimRacing Expo. The whole simulator looks very professionally crafted and reminds me a lot of a similar simulator from the early 2000s, produced by another British company, BRD.

The simulator can be had in other iterations, a 1/2 and full car versions are also options. Obviously, all of the simulators can be used with either the traditional triple screen / projector set-up, or the more immersive technology of VR is also available to clients. The price is a little on the steep side for most sim racers, but just imagine having your mates round to check out your newest man-cave addition! They may just want to take up permanent residence and never leave, much to the dismay of your better half!

Vesaro’s Description Of Their Formula Body Simulators:

Vesaro Formula body simulators.  Simulators based on the formula one body style offering authentic formula one looks and seating experience.  The simulators are fibreglass construction with a lightweight aluminium frame, carbon fibre base and carbon fibre bucket seat.  Featuring dynamic suspension and support for DBOX motion technology.

Some of the features included in this simulator are:

  • Chassis: Vesaro Formula V75 Chassis – 3/4 Car
  • Audio: Bose Audio System
  • Motion Systems: Vesaro Dual Motion 1.5
  • Pedals: Pro Controls V-Spec Formula Hydraulic Pedals
  • Level 4 – Pro V-Spec Controls – Wheel Base: Pro controls V-Spec – Wheel Base
  • Level 4 – Pro V-Spec Rims: Pro Controls V-Spec Formula Extreme
  • Level 4 – Pro V-Spec Rims: Pro Controls V-Spec Formula Extreme Wheel Quick Release Hub
  • Vesaro PC Systems: Vesaro PC Level 5
  • PC Racing Software – Personal Use: Software – Personal Use – Iracing Full Content Pack
  • PC Racing Software – Personal Use: Software – Personal Use – F1 2014
  • PC Racing Software – Personal Use: Software – Personal Use – Project Cars
  • Accessories: Cable And Adaptor Kit – Triple Display Stand
  • Accessories: Power Kit
  • Accessories: Combined Event Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
  • Triple Display Stands: Triple Display Stand Oversize
  • Triple Display Screens – HD Curved: Triple Display Screen 65 Inch LED HD TV – Curved
  • Assembly Type: Plug and Play Factory Assembly
  • Shipping Transport Crates: Wooden Shipping Crate – Formula 3/4 Car
  • Vesaro Support: Vesaro Free Support