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TT Isle of Man the Game – Sidecars Have Landed, Here’s How They Work

As promised, Kylotonn released the free “Sidecar Thrill” DLC for all TT Isle of Man the Game owners. Now, some might wonder how sidecars can be integrated for a pleasant gameplay experience. Here is how.

How it Works

For the ultimate “sidecar thrill”, players have three choices.

  1. Option:
    Player rides, AI on the side. Apart from handling and performance, nothing really changes here compared to the normal bikes.
  2. Option:
    The player controls both riders, using both analogue sticks.
  3. Option:
    Two-player mode. One player as the rider and one as the passenger.

All free options are playable offline alone as well as local two-player mode. Option 1 and 2 can be used online as well, option 3 however will still have to wait a little longer as the feature did not make it for this build due to technical reasons.

There’s a New Patch Too

The patch has landed on all platforms TT Isle of Man the Game is available on, using different version names and with a slightly different changelog.

PlayStation 4 = Patch 1.04 (Patch 1.02 in Japan
Xbox One = Patch
Steam = Patch 1.04

The general improvements look as follows.

General improvements and fixes

  • Added sidecar DLC content
  • Fixed several collision glitches on the Snaefell Mountain track
  • Fixed small undesired elevations on several fantasy tracks (for example, old Blair Forest and Hertfordshire)
  • Fixed a crash which occurred when changing sections on the Snaefell Mountain Course
  • Updated fmod version to fix a sound bug which could cause random crashes
As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated, so don’t hesitate to share it with us so we can take it into consideration in the future.
TT Isle of Man sidecar thrill patch
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