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TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge – Dev Diary Shows First Gameplay Footage

We have not heard anything from Kylotonn Racing Games since the very surprising announcement of TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge a couple of weeks ago. The French developer is now back with the first dev diary for the game, giving us an insight on what went into creating the virtual TT circuit and showing first gameplay footage!

Creating the Snaefell Mountain Course

Kylotonn Racing Games did not want to create ANY Isle of Man game, it wanted to create THE Isle of Man game. For that, a very accurate recreation of the Snaefell Mountain Course is needed. So, Kylotonn undertook some serious efforts to make its virtual version of the 60.725 km (37,73 mi) as realistic and authentic as possible.

Laser-scanning was used to get the proportions and lengths right. Many reference photos were taken to replicate even the tiniest details into the game. Drivers shared their experiences and insights with Kylotonn so the not so obvious sights, like a chimney in the distance could be included.

Also, an accurate recreation of the road’s surface was at priority. Since the Snaefell Mountain Course is not permanent and uses real-world roads, the surfaces can be rather bumpy at certain stages, which may not directly obvious when seeing images. When ripping around the track at an average speed of over 200 km/h however, even the tiniest bump can have great effect. Here again, the feedback from the real-world drivers came into play, so a player really gets the feeling of “riding on the edge”.

You can check out the dev diary above and also get some work-in-progress impressions of how the final game will look. Release is set for coming November.

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