Thrustmaster Unveil TH8 Sequential Knob

Need more knob in your life?  Have a TH8A?  Then Thrustmaster has a solution with the new TH8A Sequential Knob.

As the name alludes to, the goal is to provide a more realistic feel when using the sequential pattern of the TH8A.  The knob comes in at 11 cm/4.3” tall, 4 cm/1.6” in diameter and weighing 0.5 lbs/220 g thanks to a mostly metal body with plastic grip.  Of interest is Thrustmaster’s note that due to the weight of the knob, it shouldn’t be used when the shifter is in h-pattern mode.  We’re not sure how much the stock “ball” knob weighs but it sounds like the Sequential Knob has been purposely weighted to give you a more positive feel.  That’s cool.

Like the current ball knob, the Sequential Knob threads onto the shifter’s shaft, and obviously, is compatible with all systems that the TH8A is compatible with.

Europe can purchase the TH8A Sequential Knob here for £24.99 and it will be available in the US #soon.