Thrustmaster – Sparco R383 Now Official

The beans where already spilled in the changelog of the latest firmware update yesterday and now, Thrustmaster has officially announced and released one of the mentioned rims – the Sparco R383 Rally Wheel!

Any details to share?

In this case, the whole Thrustmaster Sparco R383 replica wheel is wrapped in a “black suede leather-clad” and the centre is made up of a “black brushed metal faceplate”. Metal paddle shifters are also mounted and yes, they are adjustable. In short, expect a very high-quality rim.

To make proper use of the wheel in sim racing, “nine action buttons and a directional pad with a push-button” where mounted to the faceplate on “carbon-style” button ares.

As far as design goes, simplicity is key. With rally driving itself being such a demanding form of motorsport, drivers do not have time to worry about any extra technical gismos on their steering wheel. It solely serves a functional purpose.

Thrustmaster’s replica of the Sparco R383 rally wheel will be compatible with the following wheel bases:

  • T300RS Servo Base
  • T500 RS
  • T300RS
  • T300 Ferrari GTE
  • T300 Ferrari Integral Racing Wheel Alcantara Edition
  • T300 RS GT Edition
  • TX Servo Base
  • TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition
  • TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition
  • TS-XW Racer Sparco
  • P310 Competition Mod
  • T-GT.

The rim is sold separately and will cost you $199.99 (or similar in your local currency; MSRP) Now there is only one part missing to complete a Thrustmaster rally setup…

The centre image below shows the “real” Sparco R383.

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