Thrustmaster – New (Sparco) Rims Mentioned in Latest Firmware Update

Thrustmaster has released a firmware update for several of its wheels – so far so good – but interestingly the patch notes mention three new, most likely detachable rims, only one of which is currently present in the Thrustmaster product range.

New Sparco rims!

It seems like Thrustmaster will be releasing the following three rims shortly:

  • (TM) Sparco P310 Competition
  • (TM Rally) Sparco R383
  • TM Open Wheel

Now, the first rim in the list is already available together and only with the TS-XW Racer. Since the other Thrustmaster wheels will now support it as well, a separate product release might be on the horizon.

The second rim in the list is a new one – if it was not for our E3 coverage. The rim is based on the Sparco R383 and John was already able to check it out at this year’s E3.

The third rim seems to be an in-house effort – the TM Open Wheel. However, the name suggests that this might be the long-awaited, separately version of the TS-PC’s formula rim.

Surely, we can expect official announcements very soon.


Here are the official patch notes for the latest firmware update:

Changes made in the new firmware:
Added support for new detachable wheels (TM Sparco® P310 Competition – TM RALLY Sparco® R383 – TM Open Wheel – other upcoming detachable wheels).

It is available for the following wheelbases under the following version numbers:

  • T-GT Racing Wheel: Firmware V3 (for the base)
  • TS-XW Racer: Firmware V2
  • TS-PC Racer: Firmware V5
  • T500 RS: Firmware V46 
  • T300 RS: Firmware V27 
  • TX Racing Wheel: Firmware V51
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