Throwback Thursdays Returns With IndyCar Racing

After a brief hiatus, Throwback Thursday is back! Back in February, we covered Papyrus’ first title, Indianapolis 500, and now we’re covering the sequel, IndyCar Racing. Unlike Indy 500, IndyCar Racing could simulate the full 1993 championship (the game shipped with only eight tracks, but expansions were released to provide the remaining eight circuits).

Depending on the circuits, you could race with up to 32 opponents. While some circuits did not support 33 cars by default, you could edit .txt files to increase the amount of cars on track. Most of the 1993 CART World Series drivers were featured in the game, while some placemarker cars were implemented to fill fields.

Qualifying was also expanded from Indy 500, featuring three different styles. There were 10-minute qualifying sessions, a 2-lap qualifying trial, and also the 4 lap average, which is exclusive to Indianapolis 500 qualifying.

IndyCar Racing also featured full-course cautions, where if yourself or an opponent driver wrecked out of a race, the field would fall under the yellow flag, and gather behind the pace car for a few laps.

I would say that IndyCar Racing was one of the most full-featured and authentic racing experiences in the early 90s, and established Papyrus as a solid developer and helped flesh out the sim racing genre. You can find download links for the game with a quick Google search, as it could be considered Abandonware now. I have also found the title to be quite common at my local thrift stores, but your mileage may vary.

Do you guys have any fond memories of this game? Let us know!

Darin’s Comments: I couldn’t play IndyCar Racing much because I didn’t have a wheel at the time, and there weren’t really any available. After IndyCar Racing 2 was released, I got a Thrustmaster T1 and got into the title.