Throwback Thursdays: Grand Prix Legends

Take a trip back in time with this week’s Throwback Thursday! This time, we will be taking a look at Grand Prix Legends, developed by Papyrus Design Group. Grand Prix Legends, released in 1998, has been regarded as one of the greatest racing simulators of its time.


Grand Prix Legends (also known as GPL) features nearly all the cars from the 1967 Formula One season (Honda and Cooper were absent, replaced by fictional counterparts, however they were replaced via a third party patch), an era where the cars were true beasts, running with no downforce and pre-radial tires, creating a true challenge. This is definitely a sim where you’ll spin out… a LOT!

Some of the tracks featured on the sim are historical replications of Monaco, Monza, and the deadly Nurburgring Nordschleife. An interesting fact is that the French Grand Prix in the game substituted Rouen-Les-Essarts over the Bugatti Circuit at Le Mans, likely due to Rouen being a more scenic venue than Bugatti.


You are able to run test sessions, a single race, or even simulate the full 1967 Formula 1 season in the title, which will set you for the ultimate challenge, running wheel to wheel with some of the greatest drivers of all time!

One of the greatest parts of GPL is the community’s support post-release. featuring a wide variety of cars and tracks, even the 72 km Targo Florio! There are many graphical overhauls to the title, to bring it into a more modern-friendly standard.

Grand Prix Legends is definitely a title worth checking out, and can be found for purchase from Amazon, and there is a demo available as well. Do you guys have any fond memories of racing on GPL? Feel free to post in the comments section below!