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This Week Inside Sim Racing – May 25, 2016

Presenting This Week Inside Sim Racing – May 25, 2016 edition. There wasn’t a large quantity of news stories this week but there is a lot of quality with the Gran Turismo Sport launch event and a new GT branded Thrustmaster wheel to boot. These stories and what we’ve been up to on the latest installment of TWISR.
• Gran Turismo Sport Launch Event
• New Thrustmaster GT Branded Wheel
• Automobilista Build 0.9.3 Released
• iRacing Imola Trailer

• Released a Bunch of New Videos
• Darin testing motion and Sim Vibe on PS4 / XBox One
• Acer Predator Z35 Monitor has Arrived
• DSD AccuForce Button Panels unboxing
• Live Reviewing DiRT Rally

Poll Question
• You’re Impressions of GT Sport?


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