The T80 488 GTB is Thrustmaster’s New and Affordable PS4 Racing Wheel

It seems that the very special and very limited Ferrari 250 GTO wheel was not the only Ferrari themed product Thrustmaster had up its sleeve for this Christmas. The T80 is Thrustmaster’s new entry-level racing wheel for the PS4 with a Ferrari 488 GTB theme!

How affordable?

In fact, very affordable. The whole set – pedals + wheel + rim – will be available at 109.99€, £99.99 (taxes included) or USD $99.99 (taxes excluded) respectively.

For the money, you get an 8:10 replica of the Ferrari 488 GTB wheel, with metal paddle-shifters, lots of buttons (including a PS4 Share button) as well as a central clamping system. The T80 will be compatible with the PlayStation 4 and the PC.

In terms of force feedback, Thrustmaster only mentioned that the wheel will feature Thrustmaster’s “Bungee Cord system”, enabling a “linear resistance with automatic re-centering.” Force Feedback might not be the right term to use here.

Since this wheel is primarily aimed at people who are just getting into sim racing, do not want to spend exorbitant amounts of money or just want to enjoy their favourite racing game a little more, force feedback or “resistance” might have not been the primary focus. However, considering the price, it seems more than fair.

Most likely, parts from the original Thrustmaster T80, which was also mentioned in our PS4 wheel buyers guide below, have been reused.

The wheel will become available this December.

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