Live For Speed – Test Patch version 0.6Q3 Now Available

Live For Speed may not be the first title that comes to mind when talking sim racing titles, with many of the larger Studios receiving deserved exposure for their efforts. The team at Live For Speed have been quietly working at honing their PC sim racing title. Their latest efforts have been released in the form of test patch version 0.6Q3! The patch is now available to players of the title, bringing with it several minor fixes and improvements. Some of these include graphical refinements and fixes for crashes in-game.

Live For Speed is still a title I take for a spin now and then, it was also one of the first sim racing titles to adopt native VR support back in the early days of the Oculus HMD’s! For that reason alone, it paved the way for many of us adopting the new technology in sim racing. It certainly got me hooked on VR racing! Since those early days, I have not looked back and drive 99% of the time in VR supported titles. Thank you, Live For Speed!

Here below is a comparison image displaying the results of this latest patch. It may not be immediately apparent, the major differences here pertain to shadows and which way they are cast when being hit by the virtual sun in-game. Please scroll down to read the complete changelog.

Live For Speed Before & After

Full List Of Fixes And Changes For Patch v0.6Q3:

  • 0.6Q3 is fully compatible with 0.6Q
  • You can connect online with 0.6Q
  • You can play replays from 0.6Q
  • You cannot upload hotlaps made with this test patch because it is only a test patch, not an official patch.

Please keep a backup of your LFS.exe from 0.6Q so you can easily go back if there are any problems.

Changes from 0.6Q to 0.6Q3 :

  • Shadows are no longer cast upwards or towards the light
  • Ambient (non-direct) shadow darkness now depends on distance
  • New text command /lang X to load language (data\language\X.txt)
  • Increased LOD distances of humans / drivers / marshalls
  • FIX : LFS could crash using /axload with a long layout name
  • FIX : Traffic lights did not work after texture resolution change


A FULL version of LFS 0.6Q must already be installed
To install the PATCH using the SELF EXTRACTING ARCHIVE :

  • 1 Move or save the patch into your main LFS folder
  • 2 Double click the patch to extract it to that folder
  • 3 When you see “Confirm File Replace” select “Yes to All”
  • 4 Now you can start LFS in the normal way

NOTE : You can see if the patch is correctly installed when you run
the program (LFS.exe). At the bottom of the entry screen : 0.6Q3