Studio 397: Open Beta Explained

News from Studio 397 r-Factor2 about their recent open beta release and a more detailed explanation of their route ahead have immerged.

Not too long ago, 1st May to be precise, Studio 397 released an open beta for all to test. You can read our first article here. Basically it was to introduce DX11 and VR support. Since then Studio 397 have gone into more depth about their future plans and how the end user -us- can assist with this.

Clearly this will be a transition period between DX9 and DX11 until all the bugs have been ironed out.  The positive move about an “open beta” is to ensure they cover as many examples and configurations of hardware and software as possible, so its really important if you enjoy playing this sim to opt into open beta testing. You can always opt out should things become unstable.

As these “issues” are addressed there will be small regular updates, so you could end up having multiple updated builds in one day. Each build will have a changelog published on their forums so you can check what has been updated. Another good feature is, in the main launcher they have added a “contact support” button and this enables you to capture “performance related bugs”. Capturing performance data is simply done by pushing Ctrl+F to display the framerate, then when prompted on screen press Left-Shift+SPACE to start capturing. After a short while this will end and the data is stored in your UserData\Log folder. The file will be labelled PerfLog_DATETIME.txt which you can send to the support team. Pressing Ctrl-F again cancels the capturing process.

More good news is it is hoped that weekly content updates will be released in both DX9 and open beta, these will be much larger files. It is really good to hear this and we shall look forward to some new content soon.

If you have already opted in to the open beta like myself, you will have noticed they have named this “v1108-dx11-open-beta” at the time of this blog. As new builds are released these will change. If however you have issues running a certain version you can revert back to a “known stable build” If that still isn’t working then you can opt out until the next update. So you won’t miss out play this “Sim”

I opted in to try this beta testing and have logged a few issues. What I have noticed with this new build is the weather actually looks like real weather, the sky looks very blue and translucent, the sun enhances the image like you should feel the warmth and heat beating down. When I reverted back to DX9 the weather looked “dead” and lifeless. Now this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, after all a racing sim needs good physics, however I felt the new weather “feel” took up a lot of resources and the game wasn’t as smooth. This is just some feedback I thought I would share, it’ll be good to hear what you guys think in the comments below.

Here are some DX9 and DX11 images to compare the subtle differences (still pictures don’t really do it justice)

digiprost-rf2-dx11 dx9_11_comparison_normocc

More news as we receive it.

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