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How Sound Recordings Were Done For DiRT 4, a Brief Showcase

Ever wondered how developers record the audio for their racing titles? Well, here’s the answer in form of an advertisement done by Shure, showcasing a sound recording done for DiRT 4.

The video

In the video, which you can view above, Codemasters’ Senior Sound Designer and Principal Sound Recording Engineer Chris Jojo explains what goes into recording a car for a racing game.

Although the topic is rarely discussed, sound contributes a great part to the in-game driving experience and especially with an iconic car, in this case the menacing Lancia 037 Evo 2, it is essential to get the sound right, since it is one of its unique characteristics.

Recording the sound is one thing, but then being able to make the sound dynamic in-game and being able to give you the feeling that you are driving a real car and not just hearing the same sound being repeated over and over again can easily be forgotten. The video gives a short glimpse of what goes into this process and made me personally re-appreciate the sound in racing games.

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