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SimXperience Rear Traction Loss Project for 80/20 & DIY Rigs

Back in April of this year, iRacing forum member and avid sim racer Todd Bettenhausen, started a thread about his cockpit update, a SimXperience rear traction loss project for 80/20 & DIY rigs. Fast forward a few months and Todd has now since expanded on his forum progress by recently posting a Youtube video featuring SimXperience’s new rear traction loss kit. The video was shot at professional driver Darren Manning’s iAdvance Motorsports training centre, located on the northwestern side of Indianapolis in the USA.

In the video, Todd takes us on a short tour of iAdvance’s facilities and then focusses on the job at hand, which is the culmination of his DIY project. Sitting atop the wooden platform is a black metal sim rig, decked out with a SimXperience AccuForce wheel and Heusinkveld Pro three pedal set. Todd explains the concept of his project before hopping into the rig to demonstrate the virtues of rear traction loss as opposed to a static sim rig. Driving with iRacing and an Oculus CV1 headset, in a single geared sprint car on a circular skid-pan, he increases his speed until the rear end breaks away and goes into full blown oversteer! During the ride he comments on just how well he can feel the car moving under him, with the traction loss feature giving him that real seat of the pants feeling!

For people that have not been following Todd’s forum thread, here below are some build images of the hardware and basic wooden platform on which he is basing his DIY concept.

The premise of the idea in Todd’s words:

The wooden platform is simply a way to put any cockpit atop the SimXperience hardware; it’s a quick, low-cost way to add RTL to any rig. Complete plans are available in the iRacing hardware sub-forum. I also have plans for an identical solution made using 80/20 industrial framing components. It’s also possible a commercial deck will be made available.

By documenting his build and the results thereof, Todd states that by way of the simple platform design, this rear traction loss concept could be applied to almost any existing sim racing set up. For people that may be contemplating a DIY traction loss project of their own, here is a link to the SimXperience traction loss kit. As further proof of concept, here is a recent video that Darin posted of the Stage 4 running DIRT Rally, demonstrating just how much rear movement is available with such a kit.

The whole project looks to be quite a cost effective way to add an enormous amount of immersion to a static sim rig. Coupled with a Virtual Reality headset, the immersion is magnified even more as your environment is coming to you in 3D and the tactile feeling of losing rear end grip really does give you that driving by the seat of your pants feeling!