SimBin to Release GTR 3 in 2018

SimBin.  For years the name was synonymous with quality, PC-only, racing sims.  GTR, GT Legends and GTR 2 are classics.  Some would even put Race and Race 07 on that list.

But the party – in name only – ended in 2014 when SimBin rebranded as Sector3 Studios.

But then came the announcement last year that the SimBin name was back in a new effort in the UK under the Sector3 Studios umbrella.

We knew SimBin UK was working on a cross-platform racer that would be different from RaceRoom – Sector3 Studios’ current baby – but now we know the pot at the end of the rainbow.

GTR 3.


This info comes courtesy of a RaceDepartment’s interview with SimBin UK’s Studio Head, Allan Speed.  The interview not only confirms the cross-platform title as GTR 3 – a natural direction considering the enormous popularity of GT3 racing these days – but confirms other info such as a release date, 2018, and the utilization of the Unreal Engine 4, a move that was foreshadowed in a leaked RaceRoom image in March of last year.

A few other notable tidbits from the interview is the fact that GTR 3 will branch into two physics paths, one path for hardcore sim racers and another for your more casual racer.  The game will also feature – 24 hour scale-able – day-to-night transitions, dynamic weather with rain that puddles and improved damage model thanks to Unreal Engine 4.

As for the cars / licensing with an official GT3 series, that info will have to wait for a future official announcement.

But wow, some real good stuff here.  All aboard the GTR 3 hype train for 2018!