Logitech G Series Shifter Mod – Sometimes It’s The Little Things

Logitech sim racing products do not really get a mention these days. Of course, there are many thousands of sim racers around the world still using their G products. If you are like me and have a soft spot for your trusty old G25 / 27, or dare I say it, even the G29, you may like this mod. This shifter mod is good news for those of us that have always wanted to mod the shifter to give it less of a toylike feeling and increase the effort required to shift gears while sim racing.

Today I came across this shifter mod on Facebook and noticing the utter simplicity of its design and execution, I thought I would share it with you all here! The mod consists of two plastic components designed to fit under the existing leatherette cover of the G series of shifters. There are no springs or rubber bands involved! After a very simple installation process, your shifter will require nearly twice the effort to shift gears, which is a very welcome increase over the standard version.

The design looks to be created using a 3D printer, those of us that posses a 3D printer may be able to replicate the design themselves. If not, this shifter mod for the Logitech line of shifters can be purchased for €13,00 on a website called 3DRap.it

Logitech G Series Shifter Mod