Sector 3 Studios Officially Announce FRX17

Raceroom have now officially announced their plans to release a top tier open wheeled race car, namely Formula Raceroom X17. (FRX17)They resemble the silhouette of todays F1 era cars but equipped with a screaming 3.0ltr V10 engine – No Hybrids.

frx17-car-image  The lightweight design and powerful engine combined with advanced downforce will make these cars the fastest currently available in Raceroom. The specs of this incredible car can be seen below:


  • 3.0ltr V10 engine
  • 950bhp @ 19000rpm
  • 370Nm of torque @ 17000rpm
  • Paddle Shift 7 speed gearbox
  • Weight including driver – 620kg – less than a small family saloon!
  • Near perfect weight distribution including driver 44/56% (less fuel)
  • 150ltr fuel tank
  • 2800kg @ 322km/h of theoretical maximum downforce
  • Traction Control will be available
  • DRS


We will look forward to the v10 scream and the advanced aerodynamics to push the car into the track, coupled with the sticky compound Pirelli race tyres. These cars will keep you on your toes.

As you can see below, the colour schemes look familiar, and raceroom have an already extensive collection of F1 locations to race on, need I say more!

Release date unknown at this time.

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