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SAFEisFAST Video Understeer vs Oversteer Part 2

Continuing on with this series, this SAFEisFAST Video Understeer vs Oversteer Part 2, ”Mistaking One For The Other” has recently been released. In this second video, we are treated to further exploration of the basic principles of these two handling characteristics. The team at SAFEisFAST have once again produced an insightful short video which makes for good viewing and should interest anyone wanting to learn the finer points of car control in corners.

SAFEisFAST poses the following question:

”How many times have you heard drivers say, “ It was understeering like a pig going in, and then suddenly it turned into snap oversteer”, and then they hit the wall.”

Listening to the drivers explaining how a race car can go from understeer to snap oversteer is quite interesting in itself. The animated examples taken from the sim racing title iRacing, also help to illustrate what the drivers and experts are relating to us during the course of the video.  If you are interested in learning more about the ins and outs of understeer and oversteer and want to improve your driving skills as well as your lap times in-game, check out this second video in the series and please do keep an eye out for the third instalment coming soon.