rFactor 2 – Zandvoort Beta Released

Just in time for McLaren’s World’s Fastest Gamer competition, more on that here, Studio 397 has released a beta version of the recently announced Zandvoort track for rFactor 2. It is available on Steam now.

Circuit Zandvoort

You might already be familiar with Dutch Circuit Zandvoort thanks to iRacing or Assetto Corsa. It was 1948 when the track opened up right by the North Sea, and since then it has seen many victories but sadly also two tragedies, when Piers Courage and Roger Williamson lost their lives in 1970 and 1973.

The last Formula 1 grand prix at the track was held in 1985 where Niki Lauda was able to secure the last win of his career.

Today, many well-known European racing series have Zandvoort in their calendar, including the German touring car series DTM and Formula 3.

The rFactor 2 version of the track is currently at version 0.2 and you can expect more updates during the following weeks. It will be the perfect testing ground for the newly released McLaren 650S GT3 and yes, it is free too!

rFactor 2 Circuit Zandvoort 0.2 McLaren 650S GT3 first turn

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