rFactor 2 – Studio 397 Interview with Marcel Offermans Discusses Rain Effects

The Bentley Continental GT3 2017 is not the only rFactor 2 novelty on display at this year’s SimRacing Expo. An interview with Marcel Offermans, head of Studio 397, published on the official rFactor 2 Facebook page, reveals details on rain effects and an improved damage model, coming within the next builds!

“Weren’t rain effects in development forever?”

Maybe not forever but definitely for quite some time. You may remember a video being published by Image Space Incorporated in 2010 (!), showing off a “rain experiment”.

It seems that over time, different things took priority and the switch of development teams may have had an impact as well.

However, rain effects, i.e. raindrops, are just about ready now. One of the next builds will see the introduction of working windscreen wipers, visible raindrops, on cars, tracks and even puddles, and obviously correct physical movement of said raindrops, i.e. they move with the wind.

As a possible release, Marcel mentions the release of the GT3 Power Pack but reckons that things might take a little longer, due to fine-tuning.

A little beside the point, is the addition of a more refined damage model which will now represent scratches caused by cars “rubbing” against each other more accurately. The GT3 cars will be the first cars to receive this update, but older cars will be retro-fitted as well!

Check out the full interview for info and rain effects in action right here!

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