rFactor 2 Roadmap Update – Formula E, Rain Drops, Windows Mixed Reality

The monthly rFactor 2 roadmap update is here, discussing Formula E, the December update and Windows Mixed reality.

Formula E

Studio 397 launched the Formula E Energize car pack just a couple of days ago for rFactor 2 and in case you were wondering, the missing liveries will follow in an update in one or two weeks, once they have officially been revealed. Said update will also improve the display of how much battery capacity is left.

A dedicated post on Formula E will be released in roughly a week, discussing everything electric and answering some FAQ’s.

December Update

The DirectX 11 build finally seems to be ready. Studio 397 aims to make DX11 its default graphics engine before Christmas. With the update, the new and now perfected rain drops, which were revealed at SimRacing Expo 2017, will also be released.

Ambient lighting has been improved as well giving the sim a more “dramatic” look.

Until the new HUD with full plugin support is ready, Studio 397 will kit out rFactor 2 with an improved default HUD, offering fan-favourite features, such as a delta bar.

Windows Mixed Reality

This is quite a surprise since Studio 397 is the first sim racing developer to really address this subject – All official Windows Mixed Reality headsets will be supported by rFactor 2. The term mixed reality might be a little misleading, but the headsets in question are Microsoft’s take on VR and are very similar to Rift, Vive and alike.

More news on shall follow soon.

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