rFactor 2 – New DX 11 Beta Updates Bring VR Improvements and Multi-GPU Support

rFactor 2 is continuing to receive updates – not only for its content but the core game as well. To get the DirectX 11 beta of rFactor 2 release-ready, Studio 397 is pushing new updates every couple of days. Since our last blog, two new ones have been released.

rFactor 2 build ID: 1915820

The first of the two was released on June 27. It added various fixes but most importantly, it improved the UI and loading screen, along with the game’s overall performance.

Here is the full changelog:

21/06/2017 Build ID: 1905199
– VR : Fixed issue with scene rendering
– VR : Fixed issue with Onscreen names and black UI screen
– VR : Disabled head tracking in monitor mode
– Fixed dual gpu integrated/dedicated issue

rFactor 2 build ID: 1941092

The latest update was released just yesterday and brings important additions.

Several Fanatec wheels have now received official profiles. Moreover, multi-GPU and monitor selections have been added to the launcher configurator and VR support has been furtherly improved as well.

For example, re-centering the view in virtual reality is now possible through a selectable key, the mouse has been removed while driving and the track loading screen has been fixed too.

Here is the full changelog:

6/07/2017 Build ID : 1941092
– Fixed artifacts on old real road shader.
– Fixed screen capture in TTool.
– Fixed multiple controller profiles so JOY1 is default controller mapping.
– Added controller profiles for Fanatec wheels: Fanatec CSW v2.5, Fanatec CSW v2, Fanatec CSR Elite, Fanatec CSL XBOX, Fanatec CSL PS4.
– Added support for mulit-gpus and multi-monitor selection, available via drop downs in Laucher config.
– VR Added re-center view now assignable to a key (default is Backspace).
– VR Fixed Track loading screen.
– Lower input latency
– VR Removed mouse cursor while driving.

rFactor 2’s latest content release was the Radical SR3-RSX, you can check out what our test driver Billy Strange thinks of the car right here.

rFactor 2 Radical SR3-SRX on track

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