rFactor 2 – June Roadmap Update Outlines Current Development Status

As per usual, Studio 397 rinsed out every hour of June before publishing its monthly roadmap update. This month comes with no big announcements, but rather gives us an insight into the current states of rFactor 2 development.

Progress on a GT3 Pack Update

If you read last month’s roadmap update, you might remember that an update for the GT3 Pack was on its way, adding new in car assist settings, position lights and new tyres – it is now being finalised.

You can get an idea of the new position lights below.

Progress on Zandy

Zandvoort’s Night lighting has now been completed, with still a few layouts left to do. Plus, performance issues which one might experience in the current public build have been addressed.

Progress on Sebring

The track is currently undergoing testing and optimisation. Studio 397 is planning to potentially release two versions of the track, one representing it during the 12-hour race and one with more of a track-day feel going on.

Progress on Game Performance

Specific combinations of VR and rain could lead to serious performance deficits as a result of the latest performance update. Said problem has now been solved and will be part of a new version dropping next month which will also fixes the wipers sometimes skipping a frame and rain drops being out of proportion on the TV cameras.

Progress on the UI

The “final bits” are now being tweaked, still leaving room for new features though, like a search functionality for long menu lists!

rFactor 2 is on Sale!

With the Steam summer sale currently underway, it is a great opportunity to complete one’s sim racing library with something like rFactor 2 and its addons/ DLCs – now on sale.

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