rFactor 2 June Roadmap Update – Your Chance to Get Your Livery In-Game

Studio 397 is back with its monthly roadmap update, outlining what is yet to come to the magnificent world of rFactor 2. Apart from that, Studio 397 is happy to not have to go through a name-changing hassle, since the amount driven laps per driver did not break the record of 397 in this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans race.


rFactor 2 will be hosting one of the WFG qualifying rounds in August. How the whole process works has already extensively been covered here.

The new user interface

Sadly, the new UI is not ready just yet. It is taking up a little more time than initially expected. However, in its monthly roadmap update, Studio 397 elaborates on what will be possible thanks to the new UI.

As we know, the new UI will be HTML based. To give you an idea of what that means, Assetto Corsa’s PC UI is also based on HTML. Instead of the game being started, a browser will open up in form of the UI and will allow you to start the game from there. This is not your internet browser however, rFactor 2 and Assetto Corsa use browsers of their own, which might have certain parts in common with your internet browser though. These browsers are necessary to display HTML content. This and other “modern web technologies” will then allow for a UI that is “flexible and accessible from all kinds of locations”.

What does this mean exactly, some examples?

The new UI will make the implementation of live-timing apps possible, which then can be used as an overlay for broadcasting. Also, another application could allow you to connect “to the garage of a team mate and [make] improvements to his setup while he is still driving”.

New content

Apart from getting Zandvoort, the unannounced McLaren GT car and the Radical SR3 ready, Studio 397 continues its work on polishing existing rFactor 2 content. Tomorrow, the São Paulo track and the Formula 2 car will be receiving a visual update and in case of the formula car, a physics update as well.

rFactor 2 Formula 2 Sao Paulo updated

More content is on the way and Studio 397 hopes to “pleasantly surprise” us!

Moreover, the Dutch development team has also signed a license agreement with the Engine Management and Data Acquisition manufacturer MoTeC.

Radical Paint Competition

If you enjoy making liveries for virtual race cars, now is your chance to get one of your liveries into rFactor 2. How, you ask? Here is how it works:

We have created a special “paint version” of the car, which is available in the workshop. If you subscribe to it, it will automatically be downloaded and installed.

Included with the car is a template, which can be found in the “Templates” folder of your rFactor 2 install. You can use any paint program that can load PSD (Photoshop) files. We advise you to first make a copy of the file before you start painting. When you have created your paint, save it as a DDS file. The folder you should use for that can be seen in the showroom if you’ve loaded the car there. You might need to hit “CREATE DIR” to create the folder the first time, and if you’ve updated the paint while the game was still loaded, hit “RELOAD” to refresh the folder. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask in our forum or on Discord!

For the record, you cannot yet drive the car, you can only look at it in the showroom (click on “TUNING” on the car screen). […]


  • No alcohol, tobacco or illegal products
  • Any paint job you make is yours and not taken from someone else
  • You will need to transfer rights to us for the paint to use in the game
  • You guarantee it does not infringe on any copyrights of third parties, so no logos that you do not have permission to use

How to enter

Please read the guidelines above, then email us on radicalpaints@studio-397.com with 3 images from the showroom, a download link to your PSD and the driver and team name you want to use for your car. The deadline for submission is midnight GMT 27th June 2017!

DX11 build

To finish off, here is the changelog for the next rFactor 2 DX11 update and the Formula 2 car:

Build (DX11)

  • Fixed: VR trackside cameras.
  • Fixed: VR Showroom is now rendering properly.
  • Fixed  VR Monitor and replay working in-game.
  • Fixed: Multi-monitor selection now available.
  • Fixed: Minor issues with UI font.
  • Fixed: AI way-points now show in Dev Mode.
  • Fixed: Zoom and out of focus elements in track-side cameras when in multi-view mode. (Triple screen)
  • Fixed: Focus on UI elements in Viewer.exe
  • Fixed: Real Road rendering issues.
  • Added: Brand New High resolution “Hangar” style showroom to better showcase cars.
  • Added: VR Improvements to the Post processing effects by disabling the Depth-of-Field.
  • Updated: Minor performance and video memory improvements.
  • Updated: Showroom post process preset.
  • Updated: The graphics engine now renders ambient shadows while in the showroom.

Formula Two

  • Full CPM tyre upgrade.
  • AI improvements to help launch on race starts.
  • AI now take longer to warm up tyres.
  • AI correlation tweaks to slightly decrease grip.
  • Added RCD / talent file.
  • AI tweaks to make them faster overall.
  • Lower initial tyre temperatures and more pressure buildup.
  • Softened front ARB.
  • More damping in suspension components.
  • Minor tyre tweaks to include more damping.
  • Correction to low downforce package to add stability.
  • Added optional caster upgrade to help increase the cornering forces in the FFB.
  • Reduced flatspot intensity on front tyres.
  • Softened steering slightly.
  • Low-end torque slightly increased.
  • Corrected unsprung inertia.
  • New engine throttle map.
  • Softened chassis.
  • Improved inertia.
  • Lowered max brake force.
  • Set default brake pressure to realistic typical usage.
  • Rear ARB increased to be bit stiffer and better match the data.
  • Reduced fuel consumption by appropriately 20%, this should give more plausible fuel consumption figures.
  • Slightly less dirty air in the slip-steam (in particular, less understeer so you can follow a tiny bit closer).
  • Front ARB now displays stiffness to make it clearer.
  • Wheel rate correction.
  • Added chassis flex.
  • Added new steering system.
  • Softened shifts, this should make up-shifts more harmonious especially in mid-corner.
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