rFactor 2 – DX11 VR Screenshots Posted

Although Studio 397 could not make the initial release date of Q1 2017, progress is still being made on maybe the most important rFactor 2 update ever. It is set to release on May 1, 2017 and will add a new User Interface and Virtual Reality as well as DirectX 11 support.

Yesterday, Studio 397 posted two preview screenshots taken directly from a VR headset on its Facebook page.

rFactor 2 in VR

The first one was taken in the AC Cobra with the rising/ setting sun in the background. The image showcases the new ambient lighting effects, which were discussed in the latest Roadmap Update, very well.

rFactor 2 AC Cobra VR screenshot

The second one shows the Matsusaka Circuit from the cockpit of an open-wheel car. While this screenshot was taken in the afternoon, with a bright sun and a cloudless sky in the background, we can still see the new ambient lighting effects working and the significant graphical improvements that were possible thanks to DirectX 11.

rFactor 2 Matsasuka Circuit VR screenshot

Fingers crossed that Studio 397 will make the promised release date.

Below, you can find some more rFactor 2 DirectX 11 screenshots taken from the March Roadmap Update.

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