rFactor 2 August Roadmap Update – the Buildup to SimRacing Expo

In typical last-minute fashion, the current roadmap update for rFactor 2 is live! (mind you, it was still August when it was released, so actually we are the ones who are late). Studio 397 is skipping the big announcements for this month as SimRacing Expo, held at the infamous Nürburgring, is imminent (September 14 – 16).

Studio 397 at SimRacing Expo

Just as last year, Studio 397 will run a booth at SimRacing Expo to show off the latest and greatest in the world of rFactor 2. This will include three major new announcements.

One of the announcements will be playable as a pre-release version throughout the expo at the rFactor 2 / Studio 397 booth, and the remaining two will be made on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

Studio 397 even gave some hints, and described the playable announcement as “iconic, fast, competition-proven”.

As for the announcement on Saturday, the rFactor 2 developer promises something that will tick off a big item on the rFactor 2 wishlist for many. (For the sake of speculation, let’s throw the name “Nordschleife” out there – the expo’s location would definitely be the right one for the announcement).

The last announcement was described as something to emphasise Studio 397’s continuing dedication to improve the rFactor 2 #SimRacing experience.

In Other News

The UI and competition infrastructue are coming along, but no major news to share as of now. However, Studio 397 has confirmed that the Reiza Pack as well as the final version of Zandvoort will be become available this September!

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